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Property Ethincs Report HOT-LINE.

This is a system for corporate stakeholders such as Shinsegae Property's executives and employees, partner company's employees, customers and shareholders to report corruption or insolvency of Shinsegae Property, or to receive suggestions for improvement or suggestions for wrong practices or policies.
To report
  • Unfair conduct and unfair conduct by our employees
  • Cases of violations of working standards such as bribes, requests for entertainment, sexual harassment, etc.
  • Our illegal/illegal behavior and other improvements
Write a report
  • For customer service complaints and improvements from general customers, please use the customer center on the website of each Starfield store.
    (Please note that HOT-LINE does not respond to the above.)
  • Please understand that we cannot respond to non-public information related to our business due to internal policy.
  • The received information is checked by the department in charge of Shinsegae Property, and measures such as confidentiality and identity are in place so that the whistleblower (proposer) can receive various contents with confidence.
  • In principle, real-name reporting is a principle for prompt handling of reports.
  • In order to verify the facts of the report, a verification process with the relevant department may be involved.
  • Shinsegae Property Compliance Team / 22F, West Tower, Center Field, 231, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (Postal Code 06142) /
    E-mail : csr_sproperty@shinsegae.com / Tel : 02-6921-1620 / Fax : 02- 6921-1698

Collection and use of personal information

Shinsegae Property Inc. collects the following personal information from its users when they use the related services. Users may refuse the consent on the following; however, if they reject, they may have limited access to the related services

  1. 1. Purpose of collection/usage of personal information Receipt of partners' opinions, fact-checking, and guide on the check results
  2. 2. Collected items of personal information Collect and use personal information as follows depending on answer type.
    Reply(required): Name, phone number, email / Reply(unnecessary): Name
  3. 3. Use & storage period Records related to business proposals, investment proposals, and franchising inquiries : Two years

    However, if it is necessary to hold it for a certain period of time in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, it shall be in accordance with that period.

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