Management Credo.

Management Philosophy.

Pursue an innovative company by finding opportunities
from the customer's complaints and overthrowing the outdated customs
while making constant growth.

  • Transparency in Management

    Actively practice transparency in management based on the CSR management philosophy of Shinsegae Group.

    • Introduce a clear accounting policy and an electronic accounting system.
    • Secure financial soundness by appointing auditors and outside directors.
    • Execute the Top 3 Report Policies (Shinsegae Pay, Clean Reports, and the Reports on Transactions with Acquaintances).
    • Continuously strengthen law-abiding activities.
  • Mutual Growth with Partners

    Pay attention to the voices of our partners and make efforts to bolster the partnership with them based on a win-win partnership and management.

    • Host a Meeting for Win-Win Corporate Partnership.
    • Make the visit to a partner regularly to enhance communication.
    • Improve the work conditions for the employees of partners.
    • Support a market with the use of offline channels.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

All employees of Shinsegae Property
faithfully fulfill its key ethical principles
to implement the CSR management.

  1. Customer First.Consider the customer's desire as the top priority and offer such value to the customers.
  2. Trust and Respect.Create mutual happiness based on trust and respect.
  3. Fair Transaction.Grow with partners based on transparent and fair transactions.
  4. CSR.Fulfill the commitment and responsibilities for environmental protection and social contribution.
  5. Transparent Management Activity.Carry out the clear management activity by observing the laws and principles.