Job Overview.

Introduce the roles of our staff creating new values.

Talents of Shinsegae Property.

Talents to paint
the world with


  • Creativity
  • Consideration
  • Challenge
  • Cheer

Way we picture the world.

Shinsegae Property is comprised of staff responsible for various roles, to paint a new world.

  • Development
    Project Planning

    Business Strategy / Business Development / Hwaseong PJ (Business Planning) / Property Finance

    Discovering and executing new business contents will become the future asset of Shinsegae Property. Investigate and assess the profitability and value of the property assets and new properties of Shinsegae Group.

  • Project Management

    Project Manager / Value Engineering

    Fully responsible from the beginning to the end of the projects taken by Shinsegae Property. We coordinate and execute all processes from design, construction, investment budget management, scheduling, to completion.

  • Contents Planning

    Leasing / Marketing / Content Planning
    (Hwaseong PJ)

    Fully responsible for planning the entire concept to further enhance a space value and for uncovering, contracting, and managing the brands and facilities fit to the concept. Do our best to plan diverse programs for the customers and increase the brand awareness.

  • Management Support

    Finance / Accounting / HR&GA / CSR

    Support all areas to allow the outstanding Shinsegae Property staff to be able to fully exert their capabilities in a sound environment.
    Suggest a guideline for ethical corporate management and risk management.