The first shopping theme park
for our family.

A new world is unfolding where you can enjoy shopping, leisure, and
a healing experience in one place, changing your criteria for joy.

  • Byeolmadang Library (Coexmall)

    A cultural space located in the city where over 70 thousand
    books are available while a special lecture by renowned
    people, performances, and others take place.

  • Sports Monster (Hanam/Goyang/Anseong)

    A sports theme park ranging from a simple game to
    extreme sports.

  • Aquafield (Hanam/Goyang/Anseong)

    A healing place fully invigorating your senses with an
    exciting water park and 8 types(themes) of hot bath spa.

  • Polestar (Hanam)

    Scenes from our life as an electric performance car brand.

  • Gentle Monster X Nudake (Hanam)

    Experience the universe of Gentle Monster and enjoy
    Nudake’s fantasy desserts.

  • Our bakery (Hanam)

    Our bakery is specialized in cafes made up of the best bakers and
    baristas, and sells experiences beyond bread and coffee.

Unique experience, extraordinary interest.

You are invited to try out unusual spaces and events.

Character Parade.
Marching Band Parade Performance.
Super Auction Event.
Shinsegae Shopping Grand
Festival ("SSG Day") the biggest
shopping event of the year
Suggest a festive mood full of joy with various events including a character parade, mobility show, and sailing road show.
Silver tree at COEX Mall.
Super-large gold tree in Hanam.
Pokemon tree in Anseong.
Christmas tree Hot-place
Present happiness and thrills with the
extraordinary Christmas tree for holidays, made in collaboration with global brands including LEGO and the Pokemon Company.
Special lecture, 'Author, Bernard Werber.'
Culture Club, 'Poet, Kim Yi-deum.'
The theme exhibition 'Dream Journey' Polar Bear Sculpture.
Hold a lecture, performance, and an
exhibition at Byeolmadang Library.
Hosting cultural performances including a lecture by
world-renowned figures, book concert, classic or
jazz concert and varied exhibitions.
'Mukmaehwado' Of Digital Homecoming Exhibition in Hanam.
'Mongyudowondo' Of Digital Homecoming Exhibition in Hanam.
Media tower in Goyang.
Display a 22m-tall Media Tower
Can look at digital arts vividly displayed on the mega Media Tower.
Local Specialties.
A flea market where small
business owners sell their goods
Original works with high artistic sensitivity are collected in one place, which have never been seen before.
A 3X3 Basketball Indoor Match at Hanam.
A 3X3 Basketball game between New Zealand and Taiwan held at Goyang.
'World 3X3 Basketball Tournament' held in Goyang.
Korea's first basketball game
hosted at a shopping mall
A variety of sport festivals are open at Starfield so that all visitors can join freely.

Can enjoy Starfield in
various regions nationwide.

  • Hanam
    • Opening Date2016
    • ScaleB2~4F
    • Gross floor area459,504m2
  • Goyang
    • Opening Date2017
    • ScaleB2~4F
    • Gross floor area364,958m2
  • Coexmall
    • Opening Date2016
    • ScaleB2~2F
    • Gross floor area393,388m2
  • Anseong
    • Opening Date2020
    • ScaleB2~3F
    • Gross floor area240,000m2
  • Suwon
    • Opening Date2024
    • ScaleB8~7F
    • Gross floor area329,917m2