# Win-winWin-Win Story of Traditional Market 1

Deokpung 5-day Market Environmental Improvement Project



Since its first opening in Hanam in 2016, Starfield, which is a partner growing together with the local community and a theme shopping park, has been continuously engaged in win-win activities to contribute to the development of the local economy and the revitalization of traditional markets as a member of the community.

After having meetings with merchants of Deokpung 5-day Market and considering what they need and what can be helpful the most, we supported the development of the brand of 'Hanam Deokpung 5-day Market' and designs such as canopy tents and parasols to space consulting through VMD experts and construction in order to modernize the environment while preserving the personality of Deokpung5-day Market.




First, in order to strengthen the identity, we carried out branding work such as making the BI called 'Hanam Deokpung 5-day Market' and developing a graphic motif, etc. In addition, based on the fact that merchants of 5-day market sell good products with pride, we created a special 5-day market with inserting names to each store banner (similar use to signboards) under the concept of "Stores with Names" that merchants sell under their own names.

In order to preserve the individuality of old stands while giving a clean feeling and unity, we produced parasols, canopies and banners, etc. using the logo color of "Hanam Deokpung 5-day Market". We provided VMD expert consulting training on how to make products look more attractive while increasing customer convenience by displaying products effectively, as well as improving design and environment.



► Hanam Deokpung 5-day Market Canopy, Stand


► VMD Expert Consulting Training



► Hanam Deokpung 5-day Market Renewal Opening Ceremony



Starfield doesn’t stop at providing temporary support in the early stages of its opening, but goes further to introduce a customized win-win model that thoroughly analyzes the current situation of traditional markets by region, communicates with traditional market merchants, and provides consulting and practical support according to regional characteristics.