# Win-winWin-Win Story of Traditional Market 4

Anseong Matchum Market, Win-Win Store Project


Another regional win-win project, which Starfield has continuously carried out as a local win-win partner, has paid off. Starfield Anseong carried out a win-win project to help increase competitiveness and self-sustainability for co-properity with local partners, traditional market merchants, by developing unique food contents tailored to Anseong Matchum Market and improving the interior of the market.

After about 10 months of thorough market research, on-site survey, and close communication with merchants, Starfield reached a conclusion that it is necessary toimprove food and beverage (F&B) contents, and recruited participating stores to conduct step-by-step customized consulting such as recipe consulting and interior support.


▶ Consulting on recipes with professional chefs. (Choi Hyun Suk, Shin Dong Min, Yoo Hyun Soo)


In particular, star chefs Choi Hyun-seok, Shin Dong-min and Yoo Hyun-soo joined forces to develop recipes. Cooking classes and recipe consulting were conducted several times to specify the menu and discuss improvement measures through customized feedback for each store. As a result, Anseong Matchum Market's special recipes, such as handmade sandwiches like Zambongborg and handmade pork cutlet, have been completed.

▶ Win-win stores' signature menus

In addition, stores that have completely transformed through interior support and improved their old appearance have been reborn under the name of "win-win stores" in Anseong Matchum Market.


▶ Win-win stores - KATSUYOU

▶ Win-win stores - SALT MEAT


▶ Win-win stores - MARKET SUJEBI



▶ Anseong Matchum Market's win-win store opening ceremony



As such, Starfield is introducing a locally customized win-win model that communicates with merchants in traditional markets and provides one-stop consulting and practical support according to regional characteristics to help local commerce.