# Win-winWin-Win Story of Traditional Market 2

Development of Signature Menu for Sinjang Market


Shinsegae Property has established a groundbreaking win-win model that thoroughly analyzes the current situation of traditional markets by region, communicates with traditional market merchants for a long period, and provides practical support along with consulting based on regional characteristics.

As the first fruit of win-win with the local traditional market, we have completed the development of a new signature menu of Hanam Sinjang Market, "One Meal a Day," in a concerted effort with Starfield Hanam, the traditional market and experts.

Under the analysis that Sinjang Market has modernized facilities but lacks contents to support it, Starfield focused on developing a new menu lunch box by constantly discussing with merchants and recruiting an expert chef Choi Hyun-seok.


► Sinjang Market Chef's Lunch Box Package for One Meal a Day



The completed lunch box consists of unique side dishes of Sinjang Market, such as savory pork cutlet, Mara fish cake stir-fry, chili sweet & sour tofu, and jjajang dumplings, allowing single-person households to purchase them without any burden by assorting each side dish in a small amount.



We expect these win-win activities to strengthen its market competitiveness by introducing differentiated foods with ingredients sold in Sinjang Market.