# CSRWarm Space Sharing

Social Contribution Campaign Using Starfield Space



It is a win-win activity that supports various campaigns to enhance interest in social issues by utilizing the large media tower and space inside Starfield.

The 2019 "The World's Largest Child" campaign raised social interest in missing children, sympathized with parents' earnest desire to find children, and made many visitors stop in their tracks. This campaign, which was conducted to give good influence, won two medals at the 2019 Korea Advertising Awards, winning the grand prize in the outdoor category and the special prize in the innovation category.

We also launched a Beautiful campaign to provide disabled artists with the opportunity to showcase their work in an open space of Starfield.
This event received great response as it offered a docent tour to allow the general public to experience culture and arts, as well as make a donation to support disabled artists whenever the general public had AR experience in connection with LG UPlus.





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